EMC is one of the largest multinational corporations in the United States, founded in 1979 and with a history of working in the fields of information security, data analysis, virtualization, cloud computing, etc. With more than 500 affiliated companies and over 60,000 employees and experts, it is recognized as the largest storage company in the world.

The company launched its first product in the capacity of 64KB memory as well as the first storage in year 1980. The launch of symmetrix product by EMC during the year 1990 has been a major of its growth in the IT industry. Launched for the first time in year 1992, the Clarion product was actually the first storage model to enter the IT industry based on Raid-based data storage. This product, along with other High Availability storage products on the market, was introduced to specialized data center users until the year 2011, with the launch of a new series of storage products called VNX, which is actually a combination of models. The Clarion and Celera storage companies accounted for a large share of the storage market.

EMC, with a joint venture with Cisco to build its own hardware network as well as VMware's own virtualization process and Intel product, to manage its cloud computing markets in addition to expanding its business market.


Key features of EMC UNITY products

  • 50% reduction in power consumption and efficiency up to three times that of VNX2
  • Using Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 series multi-core processors (Haswell)
  • Maximum Efficiency and Lowest Cost Using Extended Cache (FAST Cache), Storage Auto Tiering (FAST VP)
  • Supports KIOPS 295 and 80 TB of Flash capacity in 2U space
  • Support for new 3D TLC NAND Flash drives
  • Support for Block, File, VVOLs
  • Using a Linux-based Operating Environment
  • Use HTML5 based interface
  • Supports 64-bit File System up to 64 TB
  • Supports Native Encryption (D @ RE), Unified Snapshot, Unified Replication
  • Support for advanced Disaster Recovery and Continues availability solutions using Recover Point and VPLEX
  • to be economical

EMC Unity Hybrid Storage Equipment

EMC Unity Hybrid products are unique in terms of simplicity, modern design, affordable prices, and compatibility in service delivery and meet the needs of IT professionals who are often resource constrained. If you're looking for a product that offers a variety of features, is simple and takes up little space, if you're looking for a cost-effective but efficient product, the EMC Unity Hybrid is a great choice. Designed to provide fast and versatile data storage services, EMC Unity products are great, affordable and best suited for hybrid applications, integrated storage for Mid-range and Fast-growing businesses.

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