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IBM Appscan
IBM Appscan

569/5000 Nowadays, many organizations and companies do business with web based software and systems. Unfortunately, many of these organizations do not pay attention to the security of these systems and face serious problems. Security vulnerabilities in web-based systems can lead to the disclosure of sensitive and private company information. IBM Security AppScan helps implement web-based secure systems by providing security testing in the design and development cycle. This software helps in the cost and time of security testing of web based systems and by updating it covers the latest threats in this field.

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BM AppScan Security Scanner

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BM AppScan Security Scanner Features

  • Extensive coverage of new threats, including Web 2.0 vulnerabilities
  • Black Box test
  • Glass Box Testing (This test method allows you to check the code structure of the application.)
  • XSS Analyzer for the latest diagnostics and exploits
  • JavaScript security analyzer for static testing and evaluation of client-side security vulnerabilities
  • Customizable extensions to further control web vulnerability testing
  • A complete introduction to security problems, along with tips on how to fix them
  • Easy to use, especially when applying automated testing
  • Contains more than 40 Out of Box reports to support the organization's initiative
  • support of TLS 1.2

IBM AppScan Security Scanner Contacts

  • Private and government organizations
  • Banks
  • Software security evaluation labs and pentesting

Capabilities and Services of Sorena Secure processing Company

  • Supply of IBM AppScan software from manufacturer
  • Providing valid licenses and registering them
  • Complete installation, commissioning, maintenance and training of IBM AppScan software to international standards
  • Update the IBM AppScan software and upgrade to higher versions as well as extending its licenses
  • Benefit from professional professionals with over 10 years experience in this field for training and support