Datacenter Support

Datacenter Support2019-08-17T10:19:00+04:30

Data centers are units of computer networks that organizations use to process, organize, store and back up large volumes of data. Data centers include servers, network switches, routers, firewalls, physical solutions such as cable, racks and more.

Maintenance and support of data center for both physical and logical infrastructure:

  • Maintenance and support of physical infrastructure including maintenance and support of rack and cabling structure, electricity, air conditioning system, lighting system, security cameras, etc.
  • Maintenance and support of logical infrastructure including maintenance and support of service, storage, virtualization, etc structures.

Sorena Secure Processing Company has the ability to support data centers with experienced experts
This includes the staff deployment for Passive and active Infrastructure  And non-resident consultants in the field of storage, security,
Special Active Services

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