Nessus security scanner


Tenable has deployed a wide range of plugins inside the Nessus security scanner to enable it to be compatible with all network devices. In addition, the Nessus security scanner can easily patch itself with large, reputable patch systems. Manage synchronization and allow managers to easily keep up with new updates and install new patches. If a Zero-Day vulnerability is detected within the organization, the Nessus security scanner can scan all of the organization's infected systems at high speed and power. And the result To announce to you.

Introducing Nessus Security Scanner

Nessus Security Scanner is one of the most comprehensive vulnerability assessment tools that available in the following ways:

  • Software package for consumers of Windows operating systems, Windows Server and Linux.
  • Preset Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Amazon EC2 Appliance
  • Pre-configured hardware device

Sorena Secure Processing Company has a team of highly qualified experts who can supply, install and sell
Nessus security scanner.

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Nessus Security Scanner Features

  • Reduce the level of attacks
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Scalability
  • Continuous updating
  • easy access
  • to be economical
  • High power scanning ability
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Expansion and Management
  • Full coverage of web, virtualization and cloud applications vulnerabilities
  • Ability to detect malware

Nessus Security Scanner Contacts

  • Private and government organizations
  • Banks
  • Software security evaluation labs and pentesting

The capabilities and services of the Sorena Secure Processing Company

  • Supply of Nessus software by the manufacturer
  • Providing valid licenses and registering them
  • Complete installation, commissioning, maintenance and training of Nessus software to international standards
  • Updating Nessus software and upgrading to higher versions as well as extending its licenses
  • Benefit from professional professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field of training and support