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مراکز CERT
مراکز CERT

Other responsibilities of the CERT team include information and knowledge awareness, designing security promotion policies.
An important factor in establishing a CERT is that services are defined according to the needs of the organization.

With increasing security threats, the speed of detection, analysis, and response to security problems reduces the threat level.
The CERT Center is a centralized security management unit includes information gathering, analysis, response and support to reduce and minimize the occurrence of security incidents, response time and response to security incidents.

Computer Emergency Response Team is responsible for the specialized response of security emergencies including reports, problems and incidents.

مراکز CERT

Sorena Secure Processing Company has the ability to design and operate CERT Centers with experienced and capable experts.
The following steps are taken to accomplish this

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  • CERT Centers Recognition Phase: The first stage is the design of CERT Centers, where security experts identify the organization's needs and then discuss how to deploy such services, equipment, and security labs as well as how to deploy.
  • CERT Centers Design Phase: This step is done after identifying the needs of the organization. At this stage, experts identify policies, procedures, communications, workflows, processes, and human resources. Hardware and software solutions for managing and responding to an organization's security events are also specified.
  • CERT Centers equipment supply phase: At this point, all necessary steps are taken to provide the hardware and software solutions needed to manage the organization's security incidents, as well as arrangements for the deployment of a specialized staff.
  • CERT Centers deployment phase: This includes the deployment of specialist personnel in the organization and the installation of hardware and software solutions. Security labs needed to execute specified processes are also created at this point.
  • CERT Centers Support phase:The latest phase of launching CERT Centers where experts execute specified routines to manage the organization's security events with the help of installed solutions and equipment. This step will support if the organization has a new requirement.