IBM Qradar

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IBM Qradar

QRadar SIEM is one of IBM's multinational products that focuses on collecting and analyzing company or organization logs and identifying and reporting threats after they are correlated. According to Gartner magazine, this tool is recognized as the most powerful SIEM in 2017. The following are Qradar products along with their application:

IBM Qradar
IBM Qradar

IBM QRadar Log Manager
It is a basic tool for collecting, analyzing, storing and reporting large network logs and high-speed security.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM
An advanced tool for installing on site or company that receives logs from almost any type of equipment and then normalizes and correlates them to detect real threats from false positive reports.

IBM QRadar on Cloud
Is an advanced cloud-based SIEM version launched by IBM and costing less.
Below is a comparison of different Qradar products with the features of each them

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